Pro-Sheriff Administration Sheriff Office Software

The Sheriff Office Software behind the Pro-Sheriff Administration Suite. The software is designed with the latest technologies and make use of the best on the market with the current version.

We make use of the latest Maria DB database that doesn’t require license fees or limits to assist the end-user with a lower cost of the software. The programming software is also the latest and leaders in the market for software development.

The Sheriff Office Software is feature-rich to assist the user with their daily work and to improve the service they deliver to their clients.

A user-friendly user interface is the bases of the Sheriff Office Software, the better and faster the user goes about their daily work the better. Build in are helpful features to help with human error to assist the user further.

All the software is developed by Proliant Communications.


sheriff office software

Advance Search

We implemented an advanced search option for finding cases. The cases can be searched with different or incomplete search criteria. Clients do not always have the case number that is linked to a case. Any small information can be used to find the case if it is already registered on the sheriff office software.


Documents are received in the office. They get tracked since they arrive, then registered to capture all the relevant data associated with them. These data are used throughout the Sheriff office software system to manage track and handle all the other functions that are required.



Professional returns. Invoices and returns are created to conform to the courts as the official statement from the deputy to declare the actions performed on this case. All the required details are given. Return temples with the rules relevant to the handling of this case are also available to use.


Clients are also recorded on the system to link to cases. All the invoice also links to there account so that outstanding accounts and payment can be correctly allocated.


Invoices are automatically generated when returns are created. Invoices are automatically linked to the relevant accounts. Cash clients and terms clients are kept for the allocation of payments.



Outstanding amounts are managed on statements to keep track of financial activities. Aging is also handled, to see outstanding amounts and the period thereof.


Documents are tracked throughout the sheriff office software system, from the moment they are received into the office. Every step is recorded to keep track of the document to be able to keep the client informed of the status and progress on a case.


E-mails and E-faxes can be sent from the Pro-Sheriff Administration Suite. From statements, returns, invoices, and the other documentation. The user doesn’t need to print and fax or even need to leave there seat to send E-mails or E-faxes. E-mail and E-faxes are also tracked to progress, errors, and successful sending.

User control

Every user login with their own unique username. A complex rule set is created to manage user access per function.

Activity logs

User activities are log to track user performance and keep track of changes made by users. All activities are log to keep track of everything the is done on the Pro-Sheriff Administration Suite


A variety of reports can be generated. Reports range from daily reports of documents to monthly financial reports.

Trust account

A full trust account system is included in the Pro-Sheriff Administration Suite. Trust accounts are split with every case and reports and totals on the complete trust account.

Deputy Management

As with the users, the deputies can also be managed. The management includes monitor outstanding case still with the deputy to total fees and money received per deputy.



Reports can be exported. Exports are done in CSV format so the user can manipulate the reports themselves or be imported into financial programs.


User assistance

Users are assisted with limits to some values entered. limits can be set to help with typing errors and user errors.