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Here you can find out more about what we are all about. What you get in features and service. New features are added regularly to enhance the total experience. Keep watching this space for everything that is new.

Features filled Software

A full-featured software suite to assist the user in the sheriff’s office. Get a better idea of what you can get.

More than just Software

We provide other services to complement the software. Everything working better together for the best results.

With Pro-Sheriff Administration Suite we don’t just provide sheriff software, we provide a full solution to complement the activities in the sheriff office.

 We like to partner with our clients and have a good working relationship so that we can provide a better service to our clients, including their clients, and keep up with their changing environment. The closer we work with our clients the better we understand their needs.

We use the latest and best world-class technologies to provide services and create the software with the best technology currently available. We keep up with the latest version from all our partners to deliver the best solution to our clients.

Our clients are important to us, that is why we strive to help them with anything possible in our power to assist them, sometimes outside the solution that is provided. Our partner has a variety of services that they deliver and we can assist our client with that as well.

The sheriff software it a custom solutions and is not available as an off the shelf solution. It is created only with the sheriff offices in South-Africa in mind.

We use world-class partners to provide the service we provide to our clients